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Better Ways to Learn about EU Funds Management
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Circular Economy

Closing the Loop

ETCP’s thematic corner devoted to the circular economy in the EU



Simpler EU Funds Management

ETCP’s thematic corner devoted to simpler, more results-oriented EU Funds management


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New seminar in September : Urban & Circular Economy

“Urban & Circular Economy: How to make it Smart ? “ A new topic to discover in September. Fostering a transition towards smarter & greener cities with EU-Funded projects and

SCO & Simplification Workshop in Paris

Ensuring simplification of projects, programmes & control systems Simplification is in the air. From a gentle invitation from Commission to a strict obligation for small projects, managing authorities and IB

Gestion de projet : et si la Révolution venait de Bruxelles ?

A quoi bon demander des fonds européens ? C’est complexe, chronophage, le porteur de projet est noyé dans les formulaires, pièces justificatives, contrôles, corrections financières avec autres délais qui dépassent

ESIF Common Provisions Regulation: what’s new for 2020?

The European Commission released in May its proposal for a new CPR applying to post-2020 financial perspectives. The current CPR (1303/2013) remains in place and the new CPR applies to

Focusing on Territorial Development in the New CPR

The Proposal for a new Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) for the upcoming 2021-2027 Programming Period is here. The CPR proposal anticipates the next generation of funds and gives due attention to the

First Responses to the Omnibus Regulation from Interreg Central Europe

The Omnibus Regulation, simplifying the existing EU financial rules, came out this July and the first echoes are already here: in August, Interreg Central Europe amended their Implementation manual by updating

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