Implementation of the funds #Beneficaries #Communication #Transparency
The EU has a responsibility to be transparent about the spending of public money. A map is available online which provides direct links to lists of th... Read more
EU Funds support : positive impact on jobs and growth #ESF
Looking at EC Report on the previous programming period 2007-2013, we can see postiive impact of the ESF support: income has increased in the poorest ... Read more
Financial instruments' support for inclusion & employment #personal loans
A new fi-compass advisory publication explains how financial instruments can support Member State objectives for inclusion and employment. The factsh... Read more

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This is the final call to participate to seminars in October and November 2016 all over Europe. Share expertise with colleagues from different Member States and key European practitioners; work on practical cases; prepare yourself with online courses and get qualification. See list of seminars below: …

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October 2016

Study visits & Specific support on-demand

1 October 2016
Specific supports / Study visits http://etcp.fr/seminars

2-Day | E-Cohesion: Upgrading monitoring system in line with e-cohesion

24 October 2016
Vilnius (Lithuania) ETCP Tour / Seminars

2 Days: 24-25 October 2016

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2 Days: 24-25 October 2016

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