ETCP Trainings and Seminars

ETCP provides trainings and specific support on the spot about EU Funds management. We cover all aspects of the Programming, Management, Control, Contracting, Monitoring and Evaluation  of European Programmes and Projects for Member States, IPA and ENI Countries. Leader in EU trainings, ETCP has over 15 years of experience in offering trainings and tailor-made supports to public bodies managing EU Funds. Our trainings are delivered by international experts and practitioners covering each dimension and thematic (innovation, SME, research, circular economy, energy, transport, education, social inclusion, agriculture and rural development, technical assistance…) , bringing their expertise and concrete examples.

Our Team

Franck Sottou

Key International Expert and ETCP Director

Management and control systems
Indicators and performance measurement
Administrative capacities and TA

Susanne Volz

Senior Control and Audit Expert

Sampling for management verification
Simplified Cost Options (Design/Verification)
Effective anti-fraud measures

Colm Dunne

Senior International Public Sector Team Leader

Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) of EU Programmes (incl. IPA)
Performance audit
Indicators, monitoring and evaluation

Alun Williams

Senior Expert ESIF, State Aid & PPPs

State Aid assessment & options analysis
Public procurement
Public-private partnerships

Ignas Paukstys

Expert in State Aid, ESIF, RDI, PPP

Risk management & anti-fraud in state aid issues
RDI operations
Public procurement

Specialists Guests

Raili Truup

Guest lecturer on Risk Management

Risk analyzis, risk management

Public financial management, public services

Data analysis, process design


Goran Zakanji

Guest Lecturer on Annual Closure & Irregularities

Financial audits, system audits and audits of operations
PIFC / FMC expert
ISA, local accounting and IFRS standards, excellent PC skills

ETCP is a Paris-based consultancy firm in public affairs. We also offer expertise in:



Evaluation (ex-ante, ongoing, final and ex-post)

Indicators screening

Performance Audit

Management and Control system description

Checklist and audit trail