Simplification Training

14-15 June 2018, Sofia
Ensuring simplification of projects, programmes & control systems

Join us in Sofia during the final month of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU to:

  • understand the simplification process in full: what is it, what are success conditions to simplification (not only SCO) in terms of costs, delays and quality of interventions;
  • obtain key qualifications to implement simplification measures in your work place (procedures, processes and tools);
  • tackle in particular SCO and to set-up an action plan to apply it in a secure & efficient way;
  • take into account the most recent OMNIBUS simplification proposals.

Key elements:

  • Presenting Simplified Cost Options and their contribution to simplification: working on successful application of the SCO potential;
  • Introduction to the simplification measures at EU level including the new “Omnibus” Regulation;
  • Listing simplification actions (quick-wins and long-term success) all along the programme & project lifecycles;
  • Tackling adjustments of the Management & Control System;
  • Adaptations of the verification approach: sampling, a walk through testing, flexibility for verification officers;
  • Discussions, group work, cases and examples

Training Agenda & fees