EU Funds Training in Dublin, 12-13 March 2018
Getting the best of current practices & anticipating post-2020 interventions

Join us this March in Dublin to learn more about Sustainable Development in EU Policies in general and in ESIF 2014-2020 in particular.
We will:

  • focus on Circular Economy and how it could be applied at ESIF programme and project level;
  • discuss promoting Sustainable Development and Circular Economy in your programmes, now and post-2020;
  • look for new methods of integrating Sustainable Development perspectives into Operating Programmes and projects delivery;
  • learn more about the EC Circular Economy Action Plan;
  • visit a Dublin-based centre for Circular Economy (EU-funded) and learn from concrete examples how seeing waste as an opportunity can bring environmental and economic benefits

The training will take place at the Dublin-based Rediscovery Centre, a renovated 1960s boiler house in Dublin which has become a unique place to host initiatives working on waste prevention and re-use including social enterprises. Our participants will have the opportunity to take part in the guided tour of this amazing centre:

See you in Dublin!

Training Agenda