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We are bringing you 9 different face-to-face trainings taking place all over Europe and 3 e-training in 2019.

2019 at a Glance

Upcoming Trainings

SCO & Simplification Workshop in Paris

Ensuring simplification of projects, programmes & control systems Simplification is in the air. From a gentle invitation from Commission to a strict obligation for small projects, managing authorities and IB

Special seminar : Omnibus, CPR What’s New?

Special Training in March in Bruxelles New financial perspectives, new regulations but possibilities right now to experiment and to introduce simplifications thanks to the adjustment of the Financial Regulation (OMNIBUS).

February in Prague : State Aid & PP/PPP

Mastering State Aid, Public Procurement & PPP We’ll discuss state aid and public procurement control with Alun Williams and Ignas Paukstys. Here’s what we’ll work on: the main public procurement aspects

Territorial & Integrated Development Training

Fostering a more balanced regional development through territorial instruments 25-26 October 2018, Warsaw This October we’ll be in Warsaw, discussing  possibilities of integration of dimensions at national, regional and local