Simplification of EU Funds Management
for managing authorities and beneficiaries

Thematic corner devoted to simpler, more results-oriented EU Funds management

Why Simplification?

EU Funds often come with heavy administrative burdens for managing authorities, beneficiaries and everyone involved in their management. In an effort to cut red tape, a number of simplification proposals have been put forward by the Commission to ensure the simplification of control systems, programmes and projects: reducing the number of controls, making EU financial rules simpler and more focused on results. Our Simplification thematic corner brings the latest news and trainings on this issue.

ETCP’s Director Franck Sottou has identified 10 Key Simplification Areas in the context of EU Funds Management. Watch the video and let us know what are your burning questions / areas requiring simplification.

What is being done to simplify EU Funds management?

ETCP’s Contribution to Simplification

Simplification Training

26-27 November 2018, Paris
Ensuring simplification of projects, programmes & control systems

Simplified Costs Options & Financial Instruments

13-14 December 2018, Hamburg
Mixing Simplified Costs Options (SCO) & Financial instruments efficiently