2014-2020 Budget: EPRC Study about new allocation of Structural and Cohesion Funds

Following European Council conclusions, on 7-8 February, announcing reduction of the budget and creation of new categories of regions “Transition regions”. A study of European Policies Research Centre is asking the crucial question “who are the winners and the losers?”. According to their study, they highlight, for example,that 9 countries appears to receive more allocations, such as Slovakia, Romania, Poland with more that 10% change in Cohesion policy allocations from 2007-2013 to 2014-20.

On the contrary, 11 countries would see a difference of more than a fifth of current allocation, among them, Hungary, Malta, Czech Republic Finland, Slovenia, Germany Cyprus, and Netherland.

Let’s wait for European Parliament’s deliberations to have the final count.

For more detailed, please see temporary EPRC detailed Study here


Source : European Policies Research Centre February 2013