2 EU Funds Workshops in Brussels before end of the year : Last seats available

2-DAY Reinforcing Regional and Territorial Dimensions: Good practices and Specific questions for 2014+

6-7 December 2012

  • Context for 2014-2020 : Delivering EU 2020 Strategy, Integrating Territorial Cohesion objectives (‘place-based’ approach) , Focusing on Sustainable Urban Development strategies (5% of the funds)
  • Better Territorial Programming: From Partnership Agreement (PA) to Operation programmes (OP): How to ensure an integrated approach to territorial development supported by ERDF, ESF and EAFRD 
  • Pros and cons of the New instruments: Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) – a bottom-up approach, implemented by Local Action Groups(LAGs), Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) – combination of resources from different OPs in pre-defined target areas

2-DAY Moving toward Results-oriented Management: shifting from inputs to outcomes model 17-18 December 2012

  • Improving control, monitoring and evaluation based on results: Introduction to performance oriented approach (common definition of outputs, results, impacts)
  • Defining clear indicators and conditions for change: Set of clear indicators reflecting European and national priorities (EU 2020 key indicators, common and strategic indicators)
  • Reinforcing  performance: Clear identification of targets and better use of reports and evaluations to ensure sound strategic monitoring from project to programme levels