3-Day Verification seminar in September #control #corrective actions #actionplan

From 28 to 30 September 2015, ETCP was pleased to welcome 45 EU Funds practitioners from European MA, CA, AA, IB and from others European ministries for Verification :seminar: “The tools for making controls simple and secure “. 

Splited into 2 groups, participants shared experiences and questions with european colleagues and international audit, state aid and verification experts Ms Volz, Mr Sottou and Mr Williams. For this session, EU Funds managers and experts coming from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and UK worked together to better identify errors and implement corrective actions.

ETCP Team thanks all participants. It was a pleasure to welcome you in Paris. Please find more pictures on Pinterest.

New dates for 2016 are coming soon. Interested to participate in 2016? Contact us to receive New ETCP Programme 2016 in advance.