Focus on all steps of EU Funds management: Feedbacks from October & New christmas session 14-18 December

For 5 days, from 19 to 23 October 2015,  participants from MA IB CA AA and Minstries gathered in Paris  to exchange experiences and good/bad practices.
Covering the essentials of new 2014-2020 EU rules, experts presented key steps and functions of EU Funds management (project & programme management, strategies, control..). Participants evaluated their knowledge with ex-ante and ex-post tests. Face to face discussions gave the opportunities to discuss strategies. For 5 days, ETCP experts brought a very concrete and practical expertise on the new management of EU Funds with specific focus on ESIF 2014 2020. In such training, ETCP used many tools such as cases, tests, exercices, workbook to help participants improving their knowledge and management skills. At the end, you become a better EU Funds manager!

ETCP Team thanks the “clever-smart” group for its lively participation and intensive discussions that were going on during this particular session.

It was a pleasure to welcome you in Paris and to enjoy a friendly cohesion diner on thursday evening.

Please find all pictures on Pinterest.

For the one who could not attend october session, 5-day Christmas session will take place from 14 to 18 December in Paris. A few places are still available, contact us or register online to save your seat!




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