Anti-Fraud: Bulgaria at the top of the class

bulgariaThe Director of the European Anti-Fraud Office / OLAF / Giovanni Kessler, presented in the European Parliament an annual report of the institution, according to which Bulgaria is among the countries with the least detected irregularities in the carrying out of EU-sponsored projects.

In Bulgaria there have been 513 instances of irregularities working with EU Funds. In Spain their number is 6 853, in Romania – 3 606, in the Czech Republic – 2 788, in Germany – 1 308. In Bulgaria, irregularities affect only 1.5% of the payments made, while in Slovakia, for example, this percentage is 15, in the Czech Republic -6 and in Romania – 3.4%, with an average for the EU of 1.9%.

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Fraud2-Day | Fraud
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