Better programming 2021/27 24th September online

Better programming 2021/27
24th September online

by Franck SOTTOU and Colm DUNNE

Webinar from 9 am to 3pm on ETCP platform

Key elements:

  • Workshop in the context of RESCEU and new CPR about identification of targets, indicators and selection criteria applying a results-oriented approach
  • Specific work on the programming / call dimension (morning) :
    • Using in a better way Common/Core and Programme-specific indicators
    • Linking selection, contracting and activities with specific objectives
    • Shifting from activities / projects to outputs-result / operation
    • Discussions, group work, cases and examples
    • Practical examples applied to different sectors and interventions
  • Specific thematic focus on (afternoon) :
    – Health
    – Circular economy
    – Digital agenda
    – Energy

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