Urban and Territorial Development: With or without ITI and CLLD?

In our cycle of workshops dedicated to New instruments of cohesion policy 2014-2020, we organise, in Brussels, a 2-days focus working group on Territorial Instruments on 27-28 October.

This workshop is designed for OPs Manager, Territorial Managers looking foconcrete and practical answers on how to implement these instruments (ITI, CLLD) in future. (group is limited to 25 persons).

This workshop presents all the techniques to improve partnership between national and regional bodies and covers all the key objectives of urban and territorial development. Specific emphasis is put on “joint productions” including a various number of partners and the success conditions to make it secure and functional on the long term.

This workshop is the occasion to  share experience but also expectations about the challenges of the implementation.

High level experts Mr Richard Harding, and Mr Franck Sottou will lead the workshop.

If you would like to receive more information with detailed programme and modalities of participation,, please contact Esther or Jenifer at contact@etcp.fr  0033 142 05 92 92