Cohesion Policy Package adopted

25november2013 Cohesion policy

On 19 November, the European Parliament approved the Cohesion Policy Package for 2014-2020. Under the EU’s 2014-2020 budget, Cohesion Policy will invest €325 billion in Europe’s Member States, regions and cities. The legislative package for the future Cohesion policy 2014-2020 was approved in first reading by the European Parliament in the plenary session .

It will now be passed to the Council for final adoption.

Key points of the Final Regulation Compromise:

  1. Encouraging the increased use of financial instruments
  2. Raising pre-financing rates (  from 2.5% in 2014-16 to 3% in 2020-23)
  3. Raising co-financing rates (from 50% to 85% for the outermost regions and Cyprus)
  4. Limiting the performance reserve (to 6% instead of 7%).
  5. Fixing clear, transparent, measurable aims and targets (for accountability and results and focus on objective)
  6. Introducing conditions before funds can be channeled
  7. Simplifying the use of EU investments( with a common set of rules for all European Structural and Investment Funds)
  8. Enhancing the Urban Dimension of the policy (by earmarking a minimum amount of resources under the ERDF to be spent for integrated projects in cities – on top of other spending in urban areas)
  9. Reinforcing cooperation across borders and making the setting up of more cross-border projects easier.
  10. For all Regions, Adapting the level of support and the national contribution (co-financing rate) to their levels of development:
  11. Establishing a Common Strategy

Final Regulation adopted by EP is available here

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