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simplificationOne of the main objectives for 2014-2020 is to improve and simplify access to EU Funding and make rules and procedures simpler. According to this initiative, by decision of 10 July 2015, the Commission has set up a High Level Group of Independent Experts on Monitoring Simplification for Beneficiaries of the ESIF.

By looking at the use of IT tools available for beneficiaries to apply for funding and manage projects, they identify good practices and ideas not tested yet, and make recommendations to improve the uptake of simplification measures for 2014-2020. More information on EC’s webside: https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/en/simplify-esif

Interested in the issue ? ..to  get a list of successful decisions implemented in others EU Member States ? 

ETCP launches 2 new seminars in April to help you in the implementation of E-cohesion strategy and Simplified Costs Options:

Simplified-Costs2-Day | Simplified Costs
“Setting up simplified costs options in concrete”
Date : 04 to 05 April
Venue : Brussels

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E-Cohesion2-Day | E-Cohesion
“Upgrading monitoring system in line with e-cohesion”
Date : 07 to 08 April
Venue : Paris

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