ESIF Simplification : What ? Why ? For who ? How ? #Prague #October2016

CoR published on 16 August an article by Petr Osval, Chairman of the Czech Delegation, rapporteur on simplification.

He stresses the need to increase role of the EU and beneficiaries over Member States in the setup of the rules.

More trust and clear accountability: The question at stake is the balance between looking at errors or at achievement and effect. Introduction of more trust and clear accountability would be as important as the fight against corruption and cutting ESIF Bureaucracy, according to Osval.

Reinforcement of EU Rules: Public Procurement – State Aid : He suggests to reinforce EU Rules over national ones for call for tender and give more flexibility in the selection. He also asks for harmonisation and clarification of State Aid rules at EU level.

A single, uniform monitoring system :Osval is asking for a single, uniform monitoring system and to give stronger role to EC in Gold-plating. Clarification is needed to set up for Member States “clear absolute requirements”.

More Synergies between the funds at project level: He is asking for more coordination of the funds to increase synergies in their use, especially at project level.

General goals instead of Thematic concentration : He is calling to define“general goals together with the main indicators for how well each of them is met”. The idea would be to give flexibility and freedom to Management authorities to decide which activities will achieve a given goal in a given region. 

Simplification is not an end but a mean: Some actions could be immediately implemented and other would apply for next programming period.

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