Covering EU Funds Management from A-Z in Paris

5 days to discover with us in Paris all the key aspects of EU funds management (project and programme). From the basic definitions about operation, outputs and results to the most elaborate logframes and financial control issues. This seminar is associated with a personal test in the beginning and at the end to validate the gain of qualification and includes a face-to-face discussion about potential improvements and specific questions.   

by Franck SOTTOU, Colm DUNNE and Goran ZAKANJI

5-day Face-to-Face Seminar onsite

2-day Live Webinar on demand

Key elements:

  • General vision about EU funds management
    • Key definitions
    • Modernised logframes
    • Simplification and efficient management
  • Specific focus on the new aspects of the 2021-2027 generation:
    • MFF / Next generation / Horizon Europe and flagship interventions
    • output-result-based approach & Simplified Costs Options
    • EU Strategies and policies in line with the new intervention logic (results/outputs)
  • Key alerts about errors, irregularities and fraud
  • Key methods for management verification, certification and audits
    • tools and procedures (checklist, sampling & risks management)
  • Horizontal issues such as Public procurement, State aid and Enabling conditionalities / Territorial Instruments


  • Live Webinar
    • On demand
  • Face-to-face
    • 6-10 September / 6-10 December 2021 (Paris)


The participants of the 5-day training with the lecturer Franck Sottou