ETCP Seminars: Satisfaction and progression rates up to 80%

Your progress and satisfaction are at the heart of our activity!

With specific qualitative and quantitative indicators we set up our own “Results Based Approach” to ensure quality of our seminars!

To improve your training experience, we give a high consideration to your feedback in evaluations filled after each session.

On Satisfaction, we consider 3 criteria: training content, lecturers approach and general organisation. We are proud to come with a satisfaction rate of 91%!

On Progression, we consider the difference between participants’ results to ex-ante and ex-post quizzes. You can be proud to totalise a progression rate of 82% (since the set up of the quizzes in January 2016)

Spread the word.. and see you next semester!

«Seminar based on real life examples» …  «Different experts for one topic, wide view» … «A lot of time dedicated to discussion, questions and answers»
«Very attentive staff and kind» … «Lecturers used examples from participants’ countries» …  «Professional but also emphatic trainers»


Source: evaluations and quizzes January-June 2016

Thank you!