ETCP : What’s new in March?

Ongoing seminars in Paris and Brussels in 2014

12 topics and more than 20 sessions adapted to your level are available:

1. All level Seminars

2. Experienced seminars

3. Special seminars in Paris and Brussels

Ask for detailed topics, agendas here and register online.


Special offer for implementing specific seminars in your country in the first semester 2014

3 topics are presented and can be adapted to your needs:

1. What’s new in 2014?

2. Revision of eligibility rules

3. Screening of indicators


Contact us to get more information and plan a training session



Special event on New instruments of Cohesion policy, in Brussels, from 23-24 June 2014

After the success of Munich Conference last October,ETCP launchs a second conference with 3 focus workshops

1. The “simplified costs” and how to address it step-by-step

2. The better and concrete use of Financial Instruments

3. The new Territorial dimensions : integrated development


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