Feedback seminar Brussels 7-8 December #Fraud

Representatives from MA CA AA gathered on 7- 8 December in Brussels with keys experts Franck Sottou and Susanne Volz to tackle Fraud prevention.

We thanks all participants who manage to come and attend these 2 days intensive workshop.  Please find  pictures on Pinterest.

It was the occasion to exchange on the different stages of Fraud prevention during the management of Operational Programmes. Participants acquired:


  • comprehensive understanding of the EC Guidance Note on fraud risk assessment and the application of the risk assessment tool
  • competence to develop effective anti-fraud measures: controls, safeguards and processes
  • clear understanding of the tasks and responsibilities for the MA, the fraud risk self-assessment team, and the AA
  • competence to set up an effective and proportionate anti-fraud approach (anti-fraud culture, strategy and action)

2016 programme is out with a short presentation of all ETCP new services: check out on the website or contact us for more information