Financial Instruments delivering ESI Funds: Munich -14&15 November

European Commission encourages the use of financial instruments and adopted a few month ago, 2 new “off-the-shelf”, i.e. “ready-to-use” financial instruments for ESI Funds investments. Young businesses and urban development project promoters will have easier access to funding.

In the 2014-2020 period, the Commission is encouraging Member States to double their European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds investments used through financial instruments, such as loans, equity and guarantees, in line with the objectives of the Investment Plan.

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2-Day | Financial Instruments: Setting up financial instruments to deliver desired results LAST SEATS

with Mr Audrius Zabotka,  senior financial intruments expert, member of Fi-compass and Ms VOLZ, senior control and audit expert.
Focus on implementation of financial instruments at national and regional levels

– Understanding new rules and success conditions (connections with Innovation schemes, COSME, Horizon 2020, new EC’s initiatives)
– Overviewing financial instruments, their potential within ESI Fund Operational Programmes
– Analysing work needed, pitfalls and practical examples of good design
– Discussing of high risk issues, e.g. selection procedures (public procurement, State aid and exemptions)
– Phasing of crucial tasks during implementation: monitoring, supervision, management, verification, audit
– Case works and best practices
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