ETCP Tour Warsaw October 2015 – Financial Instruments

ETCP was in Warsaw on 26-27 October to deliver a tailor-made seminar for the polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development staff on Financial Instruments, Designing the optimum – pitfalls, requirements and practical solutions” with ETCP Experts Mr Audrius Zabotka and Ms Susanne Volz. Special focus was made on OPs managed by participants.

The seminar was the occasion to bring a clearer view of the complexity of the implementation of Financial instruments  for 2014-2020. The idea was to focus on Financial Instruments and Grant measures as they are appropriate tools to address the financing needs of Final Recipients.  Experts delivered some hints on the possible selection procedures of Financial intermediaries. At the end, participants  got a roadmap for the design and implementation of Financial instruments up to their closure and beyond.

Among key learning points we can highlight the following:

  • Selection of Fund of Funds managers and Financial Intermediaries
  • State Aid schemes most suitable for the instruments
  • Structure of the instruments itself
  • Alignment of interests of Financial intermediaries
  • Identification of management tasks and their interaction
  • Building risk awareness for FI
  • Defining the verification work program


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Interested in a tailor-made seminar in your country? 

ETCP delivers tailor-made seminar all over Europe for EU Member States MA CA IB,  Agency, Ministries, Regional bodies or any european organisation working with EU Funds/EIPA /EU Programme… If you are interested by such event you can contact us to plan a specific event.

Interested in Financial Instruments seminar in Paris?

A few places are still available for next session in Paris with Mr Audrius Zabotka  from 26 to 27 November: contact us or register online to save your seat!