Focusing on Territorial Development in the New CPR

The Proposal for a new Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) for the upcoming 2021-2027 Programming Period is here. The CPR proposal anticipates the next generation of funds and gives due attention to the integrated territorial development approach.

To address specific challenges at the sub-regional and local level, the CPR introduces a simplified approach to the existing territorial tools involving support from several funds – Community-led Local Development (CLLD) and Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI). The new CPR harmonises the approach to territorial tools, setting out a list of minimum requirements for the content of territorial and local development strategies, serving as the bases for the integrated territorial development. Those territorial strategies should be developed and endorsed under the responsibility of relevant authorities or bodies, who should also be responsible for, or involved in the selection of operations to be supported. The main novelty for CLLD is the possibility of naming a lead fund, reducing the administrative burden for beneficiaries.

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