The Future of internal, external and performance Audit

Adapting data collection, control points and skills to perform modern public funds audit

High-level group and discussion in Budapest about the best and future practices of Audit including specific focus on use of IT tools, management skills and better reporting.

A good occasion to tackle and improve the present implementation and check of EU-funded programmes as well as all internal and performance audits of public interventions.

A perfect occasion as well to improve risks management of all auditors to prepare and organise their work in the most efficient and effective way. 

by Goran ZAKANJI and guests

2-day Face-to-Face High-level Discussions and Seminar for all auditors (EU, internal, external, performance)

Budapest 23-24 June 2022

Key elements:

  • The different types of audits, standards, procedures, process
  • Audit applied to EU and public funds
  • Audit competences and functions
  • Auditor skills and competencies
  • Sampling methods
  • Performance audit
  • Better and modern use of IT tools

Full Agenda

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