Let’s Discuss Gender Equality

Gender | Promoting gender equality and finding innovative tools

Date: 12-13 December 2017
Place: Stockholm
Lecturer: Nathalie Wuiame, a gender mainstreaming expert

Nathalie has 20 years of experience with the integration of gender in policies, laws, and public administration activities. She has delivered gender-related manuals and guidelines, particularly for Structural Funds. Nathalie has also been working with DG Research in the field of gender equality and training and was a member of the core team for the project ‘Gender toolkit’.

From 12-13 December 2017 ETCP will be in Stockholm, looking for innovative ways to promote gender equality in the context of EU Funds Management.

Key steps:

  • Understanding consistency and compliance for gender equality
  • Setting up a step-by-step screening process:  analysing the situation and setting objectives
  • Tackling verification of compliance
  • Evaluation: has gender equality been put into practice efficiently?
  • Setting-up an action plan to make gender equality happen

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Source: Gender Equality Index 2017, EIGE