H2020 Simplification Survey report: A very positive picture

Online_Survey_Icon.svgSimplification is one of the major features of Horizon 2020 with a radically new user-focused approach.

Launched in 2015 after the first 20 months of Horizon 2020, the survey was addressed to actual participants in on-going H2020 projects. It aimed to collect feedback on the impact of simplification measures already in place and to gather ideas for further simplification measures which could be applied in the future.

According to the report, the feedback from more than 4000 respondents indicates that a significant proportion of users are satisfied with the simplification measures introduced in H2020. As regards suggestions for further simplification, only a minority plead for changing the rules on reimbursement in general (15%) or the indirect cost flat rate (8%). Full report is available here.

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2-Day | Simplification
“Making EU initiatives more user-friendly for beneficiaries and authorities ”
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Source: http://www.earto.eu/news/detail/article/ec-publishes-report-on-h2020-online-survey-on-simplification.html