Hands-on labs for practitioners in Vienna

Learning objectives

  • Applying result-oriented approach for programming and selection
  • Focusing on the efficiency and effectiveness with clearer targets
  • To set the options for impact evaluation
  • Linking Monitoring and Evaluation
  • To introduce smarter urban development

Special points

  • Practical examples applied to different sectors and interventions
  • Guests testimonies and good practices
  • Specific recommendations about checklists and application pack

Specific attention paid to the quality and consistency of data in IT systems

Target group : project and programme managers, financial officers and auditors

Key Agenda :

Lab 1 (22-23 April) : Back to the strategies and selection (organising calls, selection criteria and absorption of funds)

Lab 2 (24-25 April) : Straight to the Results (indicators, baselines, targets and quantification)

Lab 3 (26-27 April) :  Focus on the Smart Urban development (priorities, projects and governance)

possibility to attend 1+2 or 1+2+3 with special discounts 

Modalities : on-the-job presentation, working groups on case studies, study of projects, on-line quiz and certificates

Lecturers : Specialists of programming and monitoring, experts of financial and technical management

Date : 22-23 / 24-25 / 26-27 April 2024

Place : Vienna