3-Day seminar “Improving Verification” in Munich

Skills & knowledge to meet the new challenges of verification

Date: 26-28 April 2017
 Munich (Germany)

Learning objectives:
– To apply basic and advanced verification procedures
– To obtain a roadmap for taking reliable and secure decisions in your day-to-day work on errors, irregularities and fraud
– To get an update on the changes on verification work today and in the future

Key elements: Verification, control and audit
– Improving systems, procedures and tools to prevent, detect and correct errors, irregularities and fraud
– Shifting from documents/accounting control to output/results model
– Linking ex-ante and ex-post checks
– Improving on-the-spot checks
– Making controls more effective and efficient
– Screening errors throughout concrete cases
– Checking simplified and real costs options
– Checking new or complex governance instruments (e.g. Financial Instruments, ITI, JAP, CLLD,… )
– Case studies and role play (controller, auditor and certification officer)

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