September in Athens: New Seminar about OP Preparation&Implementation

OP Preparation and Implementation
Improving efficiency & effectiveness of interventions

23-24 September 2020, Athens

Key elements:

  • Focusing for programmes and calls on key targets and best actions using new templates, contracts and selection techniques
  • Tackling the concrete steps of preparation of new Operational Programmes
  • Ensuring better preparation and implementation of reports and evaluations
  • Including fully the potential Simplified Costs Options and strategic projects
  • Considering the ex-ante evaluation of indicators for 2021-27
  • Anticipating potential mid-term reviews
  • Getting acquainted with EC expectations in monitoring and evaluating of projects and programmes
  • Setting-up the options for impact evaluation
  • Using in a better way Common/Core and Programme-specific indicators
  • Linking selection, contracting and activities with specific objectives
  • Applying the result-oriented approach on specific cases..
  • Discussions, group work, cases and examples
  • Practical examples applied to different sectors and interventions

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