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WP_20160905_17_36_41_ProETCP organised with the Slovenian Managing Authority  (GOSP), in Ljubljana, on 5 and 6 September 2016, an in-house seminar on EU initiatives for the simplification of the administration of EU funds  (including SCO and Joint Action Plan). All ministries managing EU Funds in Slovenia were represented with a final group of 45 participants attending the seminar.

Experts Mr Franck Sottou and Ms Susanne Volz presented this tailor made seminar including example-based presentation and question- and answer sessions to discuss participants’ cases.


Simplification is not only Simplified Costs, it is also about:

  • Reviewing Gold-plating HLG proposals (Audit and State Aid)
  • Screening of the M&C system (including Risks management)
  •  Simplifying documents and tools (Grant contract, checklists…)

Simplification for beneficiaries and the administration is to be achieved by using the room of manoeuvre provided by the ESIF regulations and by the new EGESIF Guidelines. In some cases this requires considerable changes within the system, which might cause new risks of errors, and therefore need careful planning and roll-outs.


Interested in the issue?

1/Register for abroad  2-Day | Simplification seminar: Making EU initiatives more user-friendly for beneficiaries and authorities opens to all Member States Representatives managing EU Funds.

  • 20 21 October, Prague (Czech Republic) : #exchange of experience #qualification #action plan
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2/Contact us to organise an in-house seminar  in your country: #tailor made approach #discuss your own cases

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