How to implement Simplified Costs in concrete? #JAP #UnitCosts #FlatRates …19&20 October

Registrations are still open for Simplified Costs seminar taking place on 19 and 20 October in Paris

You will get the keys expertise on how to implement successful simplified costs options (SCOs).


For the 2014-2020 period, the Commission extended the possibilities to use Simplified Costs, seeking more legal certainty for national authorities and more harmonisation among the ESI Funds, as well as with other EU Funds implemented by shared management (AMIF, ISF) or through other methods of implementation.

3 international experts: Mr Colm Dunne, Ms Susanne Volz and Mr Franck Sottou.

– Programme and project managers and OP management group members

– Assessing the success conditions at programmes and operations levels:
– Concrete solutions all throughout project cycle management
– Anticipation of the (annual) closure of operations and programmes

– New flat rates
– New justification at operation level
– New payment conditions and contracts
– Good and bad stories
– List of potential solutions for indirect costs, small operations, standardised units and lump sums

More information: EC Guidance on Simplified Cost Options (SCOs)  

Visit page dedicated to Simplifies costs seminar 

Save your seat online  or contact us for more information.


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