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Registrations are open for new sessions after summer.

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Experts give you the keys to understand, in a very practical way, ESIF 2014-2020 new rules :


  • to reduce risks of errors and increase the assurance given by the national delivery systems: Register for Step 1 Verification seminar 28-30 September


  • to focus on core common indicators to facilitate aggregation of data and reporting on achievements at EU level and reduce administrative costs: Register for Results and Indicators seminar 5-7 October
  • to apply simplified costs which provide more efficient reimbursement alternative: Register for Simplified Costs seminar 19-20 October
  • to go digital and improve monitoring system: Register for IT System 19-20 October
  • to success in the implementation of new territorial instruments ITI and CLLD: Register for Territorial Development seminar  29-30 October
  • Looking for the big picture? Register for the 5-DAY  12-16 October You will receive a complete overview of all aspects of the management of EU Funds from Project & programme management from strategy to control!

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