How to simplify ESIF? Special event #Simplification in #Slovenia

iStock_000016521178LargeSimplification is one of the key issues of the new programming period. Generally, stakeholders presume that simplification is about reducing the administrative burdens for beneficiaries and programme implementing bodies alike. The reality shows that sometimes simplification for beneficiaries requires extensive adaptation (redesign) of the principles and operating processes of the management and control system, the working practices of IBs, MA, CA and AA, and a different set of knowledge, competences and expertise for their personnel. Consequently, simplification measures lead initially to insecurity, a possible higher risk of errors and higher administrative costs, before the positive effects for the administration emerge.

News-LjubjanaFrom 23 to 24 May 2016, ETCP organises a new special event in Ljubljana (Slovenia) to identify risks of simplification and success conditions

With this workshop seminar, we will:

  • Get an understanding of the key components of a  simplification initiative;
  • Define the requirements for the different simplification measures along the programme and project life cycle;
  • Look at the interaction between a simplified programme and the project life cycle;
  • Discuss the requirements for the management and control system, with a special focus on management verification;
  • Identify risks to the simplification project, and related success conditions;
  • Develop an action plan including success not only for new conditions for simplified costs, JAP, ITI, CLLD but also for conditions of supports, supporting documents and reporting conditions all throughout the project cycle management.

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