First Responses to the Omnibus Regulation from Interreg Central Europe

The Omnibus Regulation, simplifying the existing EU financial rules, came out this July and the first echoes are already here: in August, Interreg Central Europe amended their Implementation manual by updating the calculation method of staff costs for staff working part-time in line with the Article 68a(2).

More specifically, for individuals employed by the beneficiary to work part of their time on the project with a flexible number of hours per month, the reimbursement of staff costs shall be calculated on the basis of real worked hours in the project in the concerned month. Costs to be claimed in the project are then calculated multiplying the hourly rate by the number of hours actually worked on the project.

For individuals employed by the beneficiary on a full time basis but working part of their time on the project, the hourly rate to be applied for the calculation is determined exclusively through the formula: Hourly rate = Latest documented annual gross employment costs / 1.720 hours

For more information about the Implementation manual updates:  Implementation Documents > Implementation manual > Version 3.1  

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