Public Funds Management (PFM) 2.0

Managing Public Funds in a more Effective, Collaborative and Digital way

High-level group and discussion in Tallinn about the best and future practices of Public Funds Management including specific focus on Results-oriented management, Key performance Indicators, Risks management, inclusion and participation at all levels of target groups and beneficiaries, transparency and good communication and full dissemination of e-services and solutions all througout the Project and Policy Cycle Management.

A good occasion to tackle and improve the present implementation of RRF and submission of next Operational Programmes including digital / innovation components 

A perfect occasion as well to explore all the digital solutions implemented in Estonia 

by Raili Truup, Head of State Budget Department

3-day Face-to-Face High-level Discussions and Seminar

Tallinn 2-4 May 2022

Key elements:

  • Understanding general picture and open discussions about key components of PFM
  • Systematic overview of general budgeting cycle
  • Systematic approach to public grants in PFM context
  • Practical lists of main questions to consider when planning to improve or reform your PFM system
  • Specific focus on Performance Key indicators and mix Common/Core/Specific indicators
  • Toolkit to work with risks, indicators, IT tools and open data approach
  • Suggestions for additional readings and actions
  • Visit of E-estonia showroom


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