Results-oriented Management (ROM) | E-training

Registrations for ETCP’s first E-training Results-oriented Management (ROM) are now open!

ETCP offers its first online learning solution on Results-oriented Management of EU Funds. This course is organised as an on-the-job training, providing learners with practical examples, exercises, case studies and other tools for becoming a better, results-oriented EU-funds manager.

Franck Sottou, Key international Expert and ETCP Director
Colm DunneSenior International Public Sector Team Leader

Here the first extract of the course – a dialogue between the lecturers Franck Sottou and Colm Dunne.

Europe | ESIF | Monitoring | Horizon2020 | ENI | Subsidy| IPA | EU2020 | Impact | Evaluation | EU funds | Black box of Change | Cohesion | ESF | Programming | ERDF | EAFRD | Results | Outputs | Management | Outcomes | Project | Results chain | Other factors | Operations | Sector Results | Theory of Change | Contribution analysis

E-training structure

This training consists of 10 lessons devoted to concrete aspects of the results-oriented management. Basic knowledge about EU funds is recommended, but the training can address the needs of beginners, as well as more more advanced/experienced managers. Apart from the Introduction (Lesson 1) and the Wrap-up (Lessons 10), all core lessons (2-9) entail 2 topics and a short quiz (comprehension check, not graded). The topics consist of videos, exercises, reading documents and other forms of support. The training ends with a test which can bring you a certificate of qualification (for scoring at least 60%). In terms of workload, this e-training is equivalent to a 2-day “classic” face-to-face training. It is accessible online, anytime, anyplace at your convenience. Upon accessing the training you have got 2 months to complete it.

You can pre-order it either in individual capacity or for a group (technical assistance support).

Lesson 1: Introduction

  1. Welcome note
  2. Presentation of the lecturers
  3. Comprehensive description & course agenda
  4. Documents to be read: References, glossary, logframe

Lesson 2: Results v. outputs

  1. An output is not a result
  2. The results chain

Lesson 3: Results v. impact

  1. The results chain v. the new logframe
  2. Entering the black box

Lesson 4: Results are related to a target group

  1. ESF participants
  2. ERDF target groups/area

Lesson 5: Results are reflecting a change: baselines and targets

  1. No baseline, no change
  2. Milestones

Lesson 6: Results are mixing quantitative / qualitative change

  1. Efficiency / effectiveness
  2. Quantitative v. Qualitative targets

Lesson 7: The real and the fake results-oriented management

  1. Starting from activities or from results
  2. Results are not context indicators

Lesson 8: Results reporting

  1. Monitoring ESF
  2. Monitoring ERDF

Lesson 9: Looking to the future

  1. Common indicators for tomorrow
  2. Towards sustainable development

Lesson 10: Wrap-up

  1. Final word by the expert
  2. Final test
  3. Next steps

Learning objectives

  • Understanding traditional & new intervention logic (Theory of Change)
  • Managing EU Funds more efficiently & effectively at programme and project level
  • Improving definition and identification of results targets & indicators
  • Developing your results monitoring and evaluation skills
  • Tackling concrete situations

Price: 500 €/person
Discounts (not-cumulative):
15% for 4-9 participants from the same organisation
20% from 10 participants from the same organisation


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