Risks management and Sampling

Never too late to identify the risks and to ensure to the best their mitigation. This seminar is the occasion for project, programme managers and auditors to go all throughout the intervention logic and to illustrate by practical cases the mapping, scoring and mitigation of risks. This is also the occasion for public funds managers to improve the focus and flexibility of public interventions in the context of COVID and next generation funds.    

by Raili Truup

1-day Live Webinar from 9 am to 3pm on ETCP platform

3-day Face-to-Face Seminar onsite

Key elements:

  • Mapping, scoring and mitigating the risks using sampling methods
    • Tackling in concrete the identification of specific risks
    • Setting up a full action plan of mitigation actions
  • Ensuring selection of operations / expenditures for sampling
    • Proportionating the checks to the level of risks
    • Planning the checks and organising the visits on-the-spot
  • Making clear distinction between statistical / non statistical sampling
    • Identifying the best practices for scoring and weighting of the risks
    • Defining the qualification of risks managers
  • Drafting an Action plan for design of risk management system

Agenda and dates