Simplified Cost Options: cases, cases and cases

SCO Boot Camp | Specialising in Simplified Cost Options

Date: 5-6 October 2017
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Lecturers: Ms Susanne Volz, Senior Audit and Control expert and Mr Franck Sottou, Senior international expert in Regional funds and ETCP Director

Flat rates, unit costs and lump sums are the backbone of Simplified Cost Options (SCO). However, the EP’s study SCO in Practice confirms that different SCO types are not equally represented across different ESI Funds, nor across EU Member States. Unit costs have proven to be absent from ESIF (especially ERDF) due to the complexity of their design and approval by EC.
For this October ETCP is preparing a new, high-level training to specifically address this issue: SCO Boot Camp. We have lined up training examples tackling different unit cost aspects, a guest speaker from a German Audit Authority and a possibility for you to submit your own cases, both before and during the seminar.

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