Sitra at the Forefront of Finland’s Road Map to a Circular Economy

Finland has put in place an ambitions 2016–2025 circular economy strategy and Sitra is leading the way.

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is the driving force behing the Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016–2025, describing concrete actions that can accelerate the transfer to a competitive circular economy. The road map highlights best practices and pilots that can be easily replicated and provide added value on a national scale. Starting from the food system, transport and logistics, forest-based and technical loops, the road map recognises the importance of a coordinated action if Finland is to achieve a systemic change.

Earlier this year, Sitra has been selected as the winner of the public-sector category of the Circular Awards held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It speaks in favor of Finland’s success in carrying out practical circular economy experiments, from which the world could learn. To this end, we are happy to organise a training & study visit Circular Economy & Sustainable Urban Development in partnership with Sitra, taking place 22-23 May in Helsinki: this partner event of the EU Green Week take us to some of the best circular economy examples in the Helsinki metropolitan area:

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