Technical Assistance – Special Offer 1st semester

ETCP provides on demand Technical Assistance. We adapt thematics and issues to your specific needs and OPs. Contact us to plan a mission

This month, let’s focus on Improvement of understanding of the State Aid Rules.

This a question of information made available for beneficiaries and authorities staff in order to prevent any infringement of rules and also, risks assessment discussed with all ministries. In concrete terms, state aid needs some clear questions in check lists for systematic controls and could be also prevented and detected due to specific investigations on the spot. A specific link is made with revenue and durability monitoring.

Main Objectives

  • To improve documents, procedures and tools
  • To make controls more efficient and secure from initial guidance to final payments on a case by case basis

Elaboration of an Action Plan:

  • Step by step guide how to evaluateplannedmeasures to ensure compatibility with State aid rules

A large range of thematics can be developped for your OP:

  • Introduction to State Aid law
  • Concept of State Aid and how it may apply to specific fund  (ESF, ERDF, Cohesion.. etc..) measures
  • System and structure of State aid control
  • General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER), De Minimis Aid
  • Specific focus on “Services of General Economic  Interest”
  • New SIG/SSIG options
  • Accumulation of different types and forms of aid
  • Screening of possible irregularities and Risks
  • More thematics… contact us…

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