Technical Assistance on Public Procurement

From 15 to 16 December, ETCP delivered for the Hungarian Prime Minister Offie a seminar on Public Procurement. The seminar was dedicated to the staff of the hungarian authorities involved in the management and control of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

The aim of the seminar was to positively support the authorities in the design and development of ex-ante and ex-post procurement procedures.

Experts Mr Alun Williams and Ms Vinta Ingre presented EU countries’ and European Commission’s audit experiences relevant cases of the Court of Justice of the European Union with best practises.

On key learning points of seminar were :

  • Comparison of ex-ante and ex-poste procurement control mechanisms in Scotland, Latvia and Hungary
  • How case law from ECJ has influenced the development and structure of the new Public Procurement Directives
  • How National Courts interpret case law and implement judgements based upon EU law without reference to ECJ
  • How European Treaty principles of non-discrimination, transparency, equal treatment etc. apply to all public contracts

If you are interested to organise such seminar for your authority, please contact Jenifer TODISCO .

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