Sustainable and Smart Urban Development (Study Visit)

Finding solutions for Environment, Mobility, Energy, Innovation and Technology

The next generation of EU funds and CPR for the upcoming 2021-2027 period must be smart : it gives due attention to the integrated territorial development approach and strong focus on economic development.

2-day Face-to-Face Study visit

Key elements:

  • Implementing place-based and spatial instruments for regional development
    • including a specific focus on smart cities and regeneration plans
  • Presenting 2021-2027 Territorial and Regional dimensions of interventions
    • Looking to the best practices for programming, selecting, monitoring and facilitating
    • Getting key alerts about strategies, governance, indicators and possible irregularities
    • Focusing on Territorial Instruments (ITI, CLLD…) and Local Action Groups
  • Insisting on Targeted Territories and Territorial / Regional Strategies
    • case studies (rural/urban/suburds)
    • minimum and best requirements for the content of territorial and smart development strategies,
  • Clarifying the responsibilities (and risks) of relevant authorities and bodies
    • selection and control of operations to be supported.
    • possibility of naming a lead fund, reducing the administrative burden for beneficiaries.
    • reporting on key indicators
  • Visits on-the-spot (concrete projects on the spot)
  • One cohesion dinner for the face-to-face

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