Two towns, one urban centre project

In January 2017 Interreg Estonia-Latvia approved 28 projects. The selected projects will focus on 3 cooperation priorities: among Estonian and Latvian entrepreneurs, fostering labor mobility and creating a better living environment between the two countries. The full list of selected 28 projects can be found here.

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An interesting example of the latter priority is a 3- million-euro project aiming to revitalise the joint urban area in Valga (Estonia) and Valka (Latvia), two adjacent towns divided by the Estonian-Latvian border since the 1920s. This urban development project is only one example of cross-border cooperation efforts between the two towns, additionally reinforced after both countries joined the Schengen zone. Interestingly, in spite of  cultural, linguistic and even monetary differences (Euro in Estonia and Lats in Latvia), there are several projects encouraging Valga-Valka to evolve into a complete town again. Watch this video to learn more about Valga-Valka cooperation.