EU funds : what’s new for 2021-2027

New rules for Project and Programme management are available now (CPR, ERDF, ESF+, CF…). This seminar is the occasion straight from the beginning to define at Programme and Project level clear objectives, targets and indicators, budgets in line with the new 2021-2027 rules. This seminar is also targeting the officers in charge of preparation of calls to make clearer the expected contributions of project and facilitate selection and verification of contracts.   

by Franck SOTTOU and Guests

2-day Live Webinar from 9 am to 3pm on ETCP platform


Key elements:

  • Presenting distinction between old / new logframes
    • from attribution to contribution
    • the results-oriented approach
  • Making clear distinction between outputs, results and impact (new definition)
    • common and core indicators (new list)
    • quantitative and qualitative specific results
    • impact assessment
  • Looking for efficiency and effectiveness (exercises)
  • Ensuring better data collection and reporting at project and programme level
  • Setting-up a Management and Control system in line with expectations and rules
    • risks-based verification (new rules)
    • simplified costs options – SCO (new options and requirements)
  • Screening enabling conditions (New)
    • PP
    • State aid
  • Improving simplification (systems, functions and tools)


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