Mont-Saint-Michel in France supported by ERDF

Every year, the rocky islet of Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy welcomes 2.5 million visitors from all over the world. Tourism, as well as the natural changes occuring over the years, are taking a toll on the islet. This is why Mont-Saint-Michel is gradually turning to sustainable economic development and high-quality tourism. (more…)

Verification Spring & Winter Break : Control, Audit & Fraud

Join experts Mr Franck Sottou and Ms Susanne Volz to evaluate your knowledge with an ex-ante and ex-post tests, exchange good and bad practises and success conditions, be part of a cohesive group with colleagues from various European countries and work on specific practical cases from others Member States. At the end, you receive a Control and Audit Certificate of Qualification

Let’s focus on selection process with Colm Dunne

The CPR for current period introduced a new requirement to include the Guiding Principles for selection”. So how have the Member States addressed this new requirement? What are the best practices? What is the difference between guiding principles and selection criteria?

Audrius Zabotka : Key Financial Expert

Audrius Zabotka, Key Financial Expert and trainer for ETCP since 2012 : What is the main problem with Financial Investments and what are the main success conditions?

Results : What are we talking about?

Everybody is talking about results. But what is in fact a result? A result is not an impact, not an output but is an effect. So let’s talk about change, let’s talk about performance measurement and let’s talk about successful monitoring…

New topics, more venues & better qualifications

In 2016, discover 3 approches to work with us: Seminars, Study visits & Specific supports