About and FAQ


ETCP as a team of experienced European Experts provides trainings and specific supports about EU and Public Funds management since 2005.

We cover all aspects of programming, control, contracting, audit, monitoring and evaluation for Member States, IPA and ENI Countries.

Leader in trainings for European Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies, ETCP has trained more than 7 000 participants with direct effects on tools, processes and skills.

Our trainings are delivered by international experts and practitioners with a single motto : be concrete and operationnal.


102 Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris

VAT number : FR 845 199 17 405

ID number : R.C.S. PARIS B 519 917 405


How to register?

It’s quite easy to register on ETCP : you just pre-register with limited details, it gives you time to confirm and/or to get your supervisor approval.

After final registration you get an invoice. Once paid you get a voucher and full access to ETCP platform and full invitation.

What’s the use of ETCP Platform? 

Whatsoever the seminar, online or onsite, you’ve got a specific space on the platform about your seminar

You can get there the training materials, make quiz and get access to videos, presentations and webinars

Can I register as a group?

Yes registration of groups are possible : only one invoice for everybody

And once the training contact have given personal details, you get on your email individual invitations and access to the platform.

Is the platform secured ?

Fully and access to ZOOM is ensured directly via the platform or your browser with double security codes

Can I cancel my participation to a Seminar ?

Yes, you can just pre-register if you’re not sure, you can ask a colleague to come as a substitute and ETCP applies no penalities in case of force majeure or duly justified reasons.

ETCP is a Paris-based training firm in public affairs. We also offer expertise in:



Evaluation (ex-ante, ongoing, final and ex-post)

Indicators screening

Performance Audit

Management and Control system description

Checklist and audit trail