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Results-oriented Management Online


All that you’re supposed to know about new management of projects and programmes in an efficient and effective way

Making you Better Project Manager Online


Getting Online all the essentials of project management integrating partners, objectives, budget, closure and reporting

Making you Better Verification Officer Online


Getting Online all the essentials of verification focusing on errors, ieeregularities and suspected fraud on a day-to-day basis

The New Management from A to Z


5 days in Paris to cover all the key aspects of European projects and programmes management

Outputs and results-based SCO


Tackling in details the success conditions, possible application and precise calculations

Smart Specialisation and smart cities


Time to improve integrated territorial development and local strategies with a specific focus on smart cities

Verification and Monitoring : how to make it simple and secure altogether?


4 days to discover the best practices of  Monitoring and Verification on-the-spot with an Audit perspective

Errors, Irregularities and suspected Fraud


To prevent, detect and correct errors in an efficient and effective manner

State aid, Public Procurement and PPP rules


Getting all essentials about logic, criteria and most recent cases of competition rules

The New Risks Management


Mapping, scoring and mitigating the risks of public funds in an efficient and specific way

Indicators and better Monitoring


Results are in the air. How to select it and to associate it with the appropriate baselines, targets to ensure better collection and aggregation of data.

What's new for 2021-2027 period?


A good occasion to review logframe, budget and indicators and make clearer contributions and results

Meet the Team

Franck Sottou

Key International Expert

Alun Williams

Senior Expert ESIF, State Aid & PPPs

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Peter Vlasveld

Senior international Auditor

Susanne Volz

Senior Control and Audit Expert

Goran Zakanji

Key Financial Expert

Guest Lecturer 


Senior Control and Verification Expert

Patrick WAMPER

Senior International Auditor

Colm Dunne

Senior International Public Sector Team Leader

Raili Truup

Risk analyzis, risk management

Public financial management, public services

Data analysis, process design

Richard Harding

Integrated territorial development Expert