Circular Economy

Circular Economy
Closing the Loop with EU Funds

Thematic corner devoted to circular economy

What is a Circular Economy?

Circular Economy is a sustainable economic model where materials and goods are looped back into the system: it aims to minimise the extraction of raw materials and eliminate waste, all while using energy from renewable resources. As oposed to the current linear economic model (take-make-use-dispose), a circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. The transition to a Circular Economy requires cooperation of all players involved in the economy (households, companies, public sector), so that one player’s waste becomes another’s “food” or fuel. The importance of “closing the loop” has been recognised by the European Commission and EU Funds offer a single public-funded opportunity of a coordinated EU-wide transition to a Circular Economy.

Watch the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s video explaining Circular Economy:

What is the EU doing to close the loop?

ETCP’s Contribution to Closing the Loop

Training and study visit: Fostering a transition towards smarter & greener cities with EU-Funded projects and programmes

Join us in Helsinki during EU Green Week to learn more about Sustainable (Urban) Development in EU Policies. This event is organised in partnership with Sitra, Finland’s leading driver of the circular economy.