Integrated Territorial Developement

Territorial Development
Better contributions from all regions

Thematic corner devoted to territorial instruments and strategies

Integrating all dimensions of territorial development for the 2021-2027 period

Balance development : the capital region concentrates lots of investment and innovation, what about the other parts / regions of the country?

Smart Strategies : how to become SMART city including digital agenda for Schools, SMEs, health, transport, governance…

Partnership and governance : how to involve more the local and regional stakeholders in the programming, implementing, monitoring and evaluation phases ?

Results : how to get the best contributions from all territories taken into account their specificities and particular needs ?

Green deal : how to implement in concrete an action plan for circular economy and zero carbon territory ?

Communication and visibility : how to make more visible the EU and public interventions for all citizens ?

ETCP Study Visit | 2-5 June 2020 | Dublin and Ireland

In June, ETCP organises a study visit and training in Ireland : “Implementing place-based and spatial instruments for regional development “

ETCP CEO Franck SOTTOU says: 

“This Seminar is not a classic Seminar, this is a full occasion to tackle in concrete the success conditions of EU territorial instruments”. 

The theme is super-relevant because of the social and economic gaps that we face in all countries and the need to involve all territories in the achievement of key results. 

The Study Visit will allow us to talk with local experts involved in urban and rural initiatives and to get a fresh look on success conditions. 

Irish’s experience is strong in this matter and we expect from all participants stronger impressions about the use of  territorial instruments and strategies.