The use of AI for Public Funds (new)

Testing the application of Artificial Intelligence tools to improve Management and Control

2-day face-to-face Seminar 14-15 November 2024 in Milan

Based on the most recent use of AI tools for public funds management, this Seminar will be the first act of testing and experimenting the options and success conditions by :

  • Exploring possibilities to use Artificial Intelligence for the Management and Control of Public funds as well as EU funds
  • Testing concrete applications including the pros and the cons and success conditions
  • Focusing on the improvement of Performance and Risks management

The specific learning points:

  • Scanning large volumes of data all throughout the Project Cycle Management
  • Focusing on data collection at project, beneficiary and programme level
  • Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data
  • Tracking suspicious patterns and anomalies in financial transactions
  • Focusing procedures that can be time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone
  • Improving selection process (steps, scoring and weighting)
  • Insisting on efficiency and accuracy of targets and indicators

Special attention will be dedicated to :

  • Practical examples applied in different Member States for PFM
  • The bias and possible erroneous interpretations of data
  • The National burdens in particular in the legal Framework
  • The different tools ready to use and/or to be developed

The specific application to EU funds and cohesion policy instruments


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